Saturday, January 24, 2009

I hate not ever having anything witty to say. I really do. I used to be a writer, a great one, they told me. I remember when I was little I always wanted to be an author. I guess I just lost my passion for it.

Shirt: LOB
skirt: Zara
booties: LOB


yiqin; said...

The pearls just makes me think of Chanel :)

stellawantstodie said...

in the pics seems a dress! so...nice skirt!


thanks for your visit!

Nina (femme rationale) said...

i thought your outfit was a wrap dress. can't believe they're 2 separates. they work seamlessly together. very chic!

Shini said...

classy outfit :D! Fory our writing I say just let it loose and say whatever you want to say, that'd be most you! For the DIY I didn't shred the back, I thought it might look a bit too trashy if both sides were done? I did fray a bit so it doesn't seem too scissor-cut!

Eelie said...

Oh thats a bit disapointing to hear. Maybe you're simply just in a so-called 'rut'? :(

On a more pleasant note your outfit is very chic.

Shini said...

OHhh show us! :D