Sunday, January 18, 2009

Marry me now, please.

Ok, another lazy Sunday. While perusing street style blogs, I found a number of gorgeous men. I think that this might become my Sunday feature. Hot guys. It was alot of fun searching for them.

ok, not crazy about his pants, but he's adorable!!

this fine specimen of a man is one of my favorites.
(plastic choko)

so hot!

love the bag and the hair.

ahh french boys...
(garance dore)

he's another of my faves. too cute!

and i love this guys outfit. i would totally wear it.
(Face Hunter)

Hopefully, that made your boring old Sunday a little better. I know it did mine.

1 comment:

yiqin; said...

That pants is so adorable! Hahaha & yes, the last outfit. I love clothes that can look good on both sexes!