Sunday, January 11, 2009

Que tonta soy

So yesterday, I was shopping with my mother, and I talked her into buying me this adorable black pencil skirt that i found. Well, when I got home I began to unpack my suitcase (I have been home from visiting my family in various parts of the country for about a week now, and just started unpacking las night), and I saw this black pencil skirt under a pile of clothes. All my clothes were in a huge pile and i was going through trying to hang stuff up and i saw the black pencil skirt again. On the other side of my bedroom. I thought it was odd that it had made its way over there so i picked it up and put it on my dresser. A few minutes later, I was still hanging stuff up when i saw the damn pencil skirt again. I thought, "now I am not losing my mind," and I turned around, and there was a pencil skirt on my dresser and one in my hand. Turns out, I had bought a black pencil skirt with 3 buttons down the front at Macy's in Phoenix while I was visiting my dad, and had completely forgotten about it. And last night, I bought a black pencil skirt with three buttons down the front from charlotte russe. These skirts are almost exactly identical. So now I have two of the same thing. Oh well.

BTW, this was the looki was channeling yesterday. Its from Cosmopolitan Mexico, and yes, I took a picture of a magazine page because I have no scanner.
And as today was a lazy Sunday, I leave you all with an outfit from the other day, because today I stayed in my workout clothes all day.
Blazer: go international for target
Sheer shirt: Zara

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